Hungry Thief (instrumentals vol. 1)


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I really don't dig labeling, so it's hard for me to describe what this project is supposed to be for someone else. For me it is exactly as it is. A lazy yet uneasy meander through a dank and dusky, unfamiliar corridor and there's just enough light to see faded, dreary graffiti and ghastly gaping cracks spilling a dark jazz-like material over some gutter, ground zero boom bap.
Recorded in a studio called "Catacombs." How fitting.


released 15 September 2011
produced and arranged by COR STIDAK. Recorded and mixed at the Catacombs/SSL, VA, USA from June to Sept 2011. Stidak used Akai MPC2000XL, Roland JX305, Korg Triton, Akai DPS16, ZOOM H1, Lexicon and Alessis effects and compressors, PreSonus Audiobox USB, LP percussion, Numark turntable, dusty vinyl breaks and crackles, video clips, and natural sounds.

Cover Art by Rakes One for FYS. Photo by Stidak.
Peace and love to Cali, Taj, Mebops, Moms and Pops, Mike B and fam, Grammy, FYSkrew, Verbal Threat(original) massive, Bryce Ln Crew, 757 Crew, Justice and Terror, 31er, Skorne, Bobby Blunt, Blase, 2UpHigh, Black Hippies, UZN - Solar Flare Chapter 30, Keor Meteor, RenRok, Mishap, yahnLOOKEpicard, Akademik, Beat Machine Aron, King Boom and all the dope Soundcloud beatsmiths, See Cyph, Abdul Goldstein, big Jason and all my cousins, Penny, Jahmane Artz, Kultjah, Kuro, Ms. Rose, Fly, Frank 151, Honda599, VB, Norfolk, and Jow Ga USA.
In Memory of Victor "Big City" Woodhouse, Damon "Big Dee" Carey, Ella Baines, WT Baines, Sr., Floyd Jacobs and "Uncle" Lou.



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feeds for this album, this artist
Track Name: visioner
"you had me completely surrounded.."
Track Name: deadzone
"it's like being at the chess board and not understanding the game."
Track Name: owls
"do you like our owl?"
Track Name: ndigo
"when the bubbles are going it's like, ahhh..somet'ing."
Track Name: beast
"..and the whole thing would be held together by this kind of bizarre obsession.."
Track Name: sigils
"you think gravity care if you like it or not?"
Track Name: ravens
"Only this...nothing more."